5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Bus Charter for Children

5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Bus Charter for Children

The safety of children during school camps and exchanges is the most important thing. When you’re considering charter bus hire for children in Queensland, there are a few things to keep in mind. G&D Ross Buses has decades of experience with school bus hire and below, we outline 5 things to consider when booking Bundaberg coaches.

1: Qualified Drivers

Simply having a license isn’t enough when it comes to being a driver for bus companies in QLD. When looking for bus charters, especially when organising a school trip, it’s important to find a driver that has a Working with Children check.

2: Safety

It’s hard to keep one child under control on a trip, let alone a whole group. On school trips, the supervisor is responsible for the children’s safety, so they need a charter bus hire that takes all the necessary safety precautions. Every G&D Ross Buses vehicle is equipped with functional seatbelts and handles on seats to make sure every passenger is safe.

3: Accessibility

You can’t assume that every child’s needs are the same. Make sure that any bus charters that you hire have proper accommodations for disabilities and other needs. G&D Ross Buses’ fleet have wheelchair lifts and are air conditioned to keep the children comfortable and cared-for. This will make sure no passenger misses out.

4: Entertainment

It’s hard to keep a bus full of children from getting bored, especially on a long trip. While not as important safety, it’s still worth checking if your bus charters have entertainment systems, such as a TV.

5: Budget

In a perfect world, money wouldn’t be a barrier in having the best bus charter service, but it can get expensive. You can still find plenty of options, however, that are reliable, safe and won’t break the bank! G&D Ross Buses offer competitive rates that you won’t get anywhere else.

If you need to book bus charters for a school camp or excursion, there are a few things you need to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for all. To learn more about our Bundaberg coaches, call 07 4129 7132 now or get in touch online.