Benefits of a Bus Hire with Driver in Brisbane, QLD

Benefits of a Bus Hire with Driver in Brisbane, QLD

Why would you choose a bus hire with a driver? While it’s possible to hire just the bus itself, it’s far preferable to hire a bus with a designated, professional driver.

G&D Ross Buses can service school charters, airport and business hotel transfers, hire bus for wedding and birthday guests, and any other type of trip for which you’d need a bus hire. Here are our top 3 reasons it’s worth having a professional driver take you or your guests to and from your venue.

A Professional Driver Knows How to Keep You Safe

When the person behind the wheel of a bus is professionally trained to do the job, you know you’re in good hands. A bus is a larger vehicle, with a more powerful engine and different proportions for turning than an ordinary car. The brakes and the lines of sight are quite different to the norm in a car.

A bus driver needs expertise and proper training, which is why a reputable bus hire company like G&D Ross Buses offers fully licenced and experienced drivers to operate the bus for your trip.

Transport Free from Stress & Complications

When you need to get a group from point A to point B, you want the trip to be as easy and efficient as possible.

Unfortunately, if you’re in charge of your own driving, you’re opening the door to complications. Even if you’re not the designated driver, you may end up becoming involved in planning, organising or navigating, which can take the fun out of a trip. Our drivers already know which route to take and how to best handle any detours that the route may involve, so it’s best to leave it in their hands.

We Take Care of the Extras to Make Your Trip Convenient

If you’re travelling with luggage or children, or you have special requirements such as needing to get to the airport or an important business meeting on time, we can make these happen for you. We’ve done it all before and we know what to prepare or look out for, so you’re not caught unawares while travelling.

If you need a hire bus for wedding, birthday or corporate guests, or getting to and from a sporting event, we’ll organise a safe trip to and from your venue so you can focus on having a great time.

Your G&D Ross driver knows how to make your ride safe and convenient. Contact us now to request your quote.