Bus Charter for Students and School Trips in Queensland

Bus Charter for Students and School Trips in Queensland

At G&D Ross charter bus hire, we know that Queensland is blessed with some of the most unique sights for students to enjoy. With over 1000 distinct ecosystems, 5 World Heritage sites, incredible natural reserves and exciting urban cultural spaces, Queensland is a gold mine for young Australians. Interested in gaining an education in natural diversity and benefiting from an ever evolving Australian culture? This is the place for you!

Explore Nature with Bus Tours Queensland

With an experienced charter bus hire service by your side, educators can plan exciting adventures to natural reserves, which may be considered too far for students to reach otherwise. At G&D Ross Bus Charters, we specialise in organising trips to places like the Great Barrier Reef and national rainforests. These locations are where students can gain an invaluable education in the laudable efforts made by conservationists to protect the state’s natural resources.

Experience History with Bus Hire Brisbane Schools Trust

Give students a chance to touch and feel history with bus tours Queensland educators love. Transport large groups of students safely to places like Fort Lytton National Park, where Australia’s rich military history can be experienced firsthand. Visit the various cultural centres which dot the Brisbane landscape, with expertly organised travel itineraries curated for you by G&D Ross Bus Charters. 

Bus Hire Brisbane for Student Cultural Trips

Visit the Queensland Cultural Centre to give students a peek into prehistory, or marvel at the works of Australian artists at the Queensland Art Gallery. We understand that student trips are few and far between, so make the most of the time you have by introducing young minds to the thriving music and arts scene, all in one day! A quality bus charter service has the expertise to help schools plan a bus tour, which will allow students to make the most of each place they visit, while ensuring they are safe, comfortable, and on time. 

A Chartered Bus for Student Trips in Queensland

History, nature, and culture play an important role in the development of young Australian minds. At G&D Ross, we are passionate about helping teachers organise memorable student trips where it’s all about having fun, while learning something new. Contact us today for more information on charter buses for school trips, student sports events and more.