Charter Bus Hire Queensland: Affordable Group Bookings

Charter Bus Hire Queensland: Affordable Group Bookings

Charter bus hire is an ideal way to travel around the Sunshine State. G&D Ross Buses is committed to providing safe and convenient bus tours in Queensland, with affordable packages and itinerary planning available. Planning any group trip takes time, money and a knack for organisation, and we take care of all of it for you. Experience the best sights, food and coastlines with our budget friendly bus hire on the Sunshine Coast.

Why Choose Charter Bus Hire?

Your group trip is made easy with charter bus hire. We understand that no matter what trip you’re planning, figuring out the best transportation options for guests and attendees can be frustrating. One of the best and most affordable solutions is charter bus hire. G&D Ross Buses prioritise your safety and comfort with efficient travel, catering to groups of up to sixty people. Whether you’re interested in renting a charter bus for a special occasion such as a wedding, business trip or even just a day trip, a huge benefit is the level of convenience bus hire on the Sunshine Coast provides. You’re able to prioritise storage with the added space a charter bus has, you’re always on time without having to worry about directions or traffic, and everyone on board arrives safely and simultaneously.

Plan Your Itinerary & Save

Whether you’re travelling through the Sunshine Coast on a day trip, school trip, or even for a wedding, G&D Ross Buses ensure you get to where you need to be. No matter where you’re headed, we offer specialised pre-planned trips and itinerary planning to make your journey as smooth as possible. Our fleet of Bundaberg coaches are equipped for your comfort and safety, maintained and serviced to the highest industry standards. Our booking process is simple and we’re passionate about helping transport you safely and affordably.

G&D Ross Buses boast the best bus tours in Queensland. Our fleet of Bundaberg coaches are a safe and affordable mode of group transport, so get in touch with our team to book today.