Dos & Don’ts of Memorable Party Bus Hire Sunshine Coast

Dos & Don’ts of Memorable Party Bus Hire Sunshine Coast

For luxury transport to make your event extra special, nothing beats party bus hire. To keep the ride fun and celebratory, while also ensuring the passengers’ safety and comfort, there’s some party bus etiquette to follow. Here is a few dos and don’ts from G&D Ross Buses.

Do Keep the Ride Respectful & Fun

Onboard your party bus, feel free to enjoy refreshments and beverages as part of the hospitality and entertainment. G&D Ross Buses charters buses for events such as birthday parties, hens and bucks’ nights, weddings and more.

Remember, however, that a party bus isn’t a no-holds-barred drinking event. To help our drivers keep the ride safe, please don’t distract them from their job. While responsible celebratory drinking is fine, and we encourage everyone to have a good time, passengers’ conduct should be respectful and not excessively rowdy or distracting to your driver or other road users.

Remember that guests may need to show proof of age, and make sure everyone has all their belongings before stepping off the bus for your event!

If you are drinking on the bus, please be advised that it is cans only. No glass or open cups are permitted on the bus. Eskies, without wheels, are permitted, however, you must provide a bin for the empties.

Don’t Do Anything Illegal

If it’s not allowed off the bus, it’s not allowed on the bus either.

We won’t tolerate underage drinking, smoking, the consumption of prohibited drugs, or the presence of dangerous weapons.

We also request that there is no unruly drunken or disruptive behaviour. This includes a range of behaviours such as standing up to dance in the aisles, climbing over seats, breaking open an emergency exit hatch, verbal abuse, indecent behaviour or fighting.

Do Book with a Reputable Company

Make sure you’re renting a bus from a trustworthy business. Look up the business history to make sure they’ve been around long enough to provide a professional, safe and reliable service. Check their testimonials and ask the staff if the business has a valid licence and the right insurance for party bus hire Sunshine Coast.

Keep an eye out for red flags, such as a price that seems too good to be true. If a quote seems suspiciously low, the operator may be cutting back on costs where you’d rather they didn’t, such as on their safety inspections, liability insurance or having fully licensed drivers.

When you need to transport guests to and from a party or celebration, your best option is to rent a party bus. Reach out to our team for a quote today.