Going to a QLD Sport Event? Travel by Bus with Friends!

Going to a QLD Sport Event? Travel by Bus with Friends!

Join the savvy Queenslanders choosing bus hire to get to sporting events. Not only do you get to choose the pick-up time and location that suits you but, best of all, you get to choose the people you travel with! Arrive at the venue in style, and in time for the game, with bus hire from a recognised and reliable QLD company.

Dive into this guide from G&D Ross Buses to learn more about our bus tours Queensland wide, and book us for your next sporting event.

Bus Tours Queensland Wide for Sports Events

The South-East corner of Queensland is awash with some of the best stadiums in the country, from the Gabba to the Suncorp Stadium in the capital city of Brisbane, to regional sporting venues in Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, and Gold Coast. Queensland hosts sporting events year-round, including league, union, and AFL, from surfing competitions to triathlons and the Olympics.

With so many events and venues for sports fans to visit, and bringing in tourists from all over the country, it makes sense to sort out your own transport to the venue.

By organising your own bus tour in Queensland, you can get yourself and your group to any venue without worrying about the logistics of getting to the game on time, the cost of parking, navigating there and back or low-key fighting over who is the designated driver. For the next match or event that you plan to attend, contact G&D Ross Buses to arrange a bus charter to pick you up and drop you off.

A Cost-Effective Bus Hire Option

If you have a large group of people who need to get to the venue together, a bus hire is often the most cost-effective way to get everyone there on time.

Offering an excellent transportation service and professional drivers, G&D Ross Buses offers the most reliable way to bring your team members, supporters, and friends to the venue. With a fleet of coaches catering to groups of 21 to 60 people, and operating around the clock, we can cater to any group and any sporting event.

Getting Your Group to and from the Venue

Do you really want to be hanging around after the game, trying to organise your friends into small groups while waiting for the taxi to show up?

A bus hire isn’t just about being cost-effective. It’s a logistically effective way to get all your team to and from the venue, too.

Whether you’re there to watch or play, with our drivers on your team you’ll never be late for a game.

Celebrate the Win Enroute

Do you and your friends want to celebrate the winning team? After the game, you can soothe your loss, or cheers to the win on your return trip home! Here at G&D Buses, we want everyone to have the best time possible, and that is why we offer the option to drink on the bus (cans only – no glass or open cups permitted). You can even add in a stop over at the local supporting pub! Just remember to provide a bin for the empties and be respectful to everyone on board. Eskies, without wheels, are also welcome.

Want to know more? Simply get in touch with our friendly staff about our competitive rates for bus hire.