How to: Find Professional Charter Bus Hire Sunshine Coast

How to: Find Professional Charter Bus Hire Sunshine Coast

Bus hire in Queensland is a fantastic way to travel safely, conveniently, and efficiently. G&D Ross Buses offers the best bus tours in Queensland, with a state-of-the-art fleet, driven by a team of qualified drivers who love what they do. As a business with nearly thirty years of experience in transportation, we know the benefits and logistics of charter bus hire. We also know that organising any form of transport can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming with the many options available. Continue reading to learn more about the best tips for renting your first charter bus!

A Guide to Hiring Your First Charter Bus

When it comes to charter bus hire, choosing an experienced and professional business is essential for a great customer experience.

What Do I Need to Know Before Booking?

  • Firstly, ensure you know how many people you need to transport and how many stops will be involved. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to hire a specific coach. Our coaches for bus tours in Queensland are clean, modern, and fitted with wheelchair lifts for people with disability.

How Many People can Fit in a Coach?

  • G&D Ross runs bus tours on the Sunshine Coast, catering for groups with a minimum of twenty-one to a maximum of sixty people. Our buses are regularly serviced and maintained, ensuring safe bus hire on the Sunshine Coast.

Are There Safety Protocols to be Aware Of?

  • Our bus hire in Queensland has always met industry standards and kept an immaculate safety record. Our staff are trained in safety procedures.

G&D Ross Bus Tours in Queensland

As the most efficient bus hire on the Sunshine Coast, we never compromise on a fantastic customer experience. G&D Ross Buses delivers expert bus hire in Queensland, catering to a range of needs whilst striving to always be accessible.

With our expertise and passion for what we do, G&D Ross Buses strives to give all our clientele a safe experience. Whether you need school transportation or to organise group transport for a wedding contact us online to learn more about our charter bus hire.