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Discover exceptional bus hire in Brisbane with G&D Ross Bus Charters. Our fleet of 18 buses and coaches caters to diverse transportation needs, including tours, excursions, charters and school services. Led by Greg and Donna, we boast over 25 years of expertise, ensuring fast, efficient, safe and comfortable travel nationwide. Operating 24/7, 365 days a year, we prioritise your safety and comfort through meticulous maintenance. Whether you’re looking for group transport for tours, weddings, parties, sports or school trips, our vehicles are dependable and hassle-free, ensuring memorable journeys.

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Experience safe, comfortable and efficient transportation with G&D Ross Bus Charters, connecting Brisbane to destinations across Australia. Our versatile fleet accommodates groups of 21 to 60 people, perfect for music festivals, weddings and special events. Beyond charters, we offer pre-planned tours, such as the Tamworth Country Music Festival Bus Trip. These curated trips remove travel guesswork, providing a relaxing experience with entertainment, cuisine, comfortable accommodations and daily activities. 

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Safe, Comfortable & Efficient Bus Charters & Bus Hire In Brisbane

Do you provide pre-planned tours? 

Yes, we do. We provide options for a host of pre-planned tours. From experiencing music festivals and incredible sights to daily activities and access some of the best bed and breakfasts across Australia. 

How many passengers can travel? 

We have a fleet of buses and coaches with capacities varying between 21 and 60 passengers. 

Do you have bus hire in Brisbane available for school excursions? 

Yes. All our buses and coaches are maintained to remain in perfect condition. We conduct checks to ensure a consistent safety record. We believe this makes them the ideal school transportation, from sporting carnivals to excursions. 

What charter services do you offer? 

Our bus charter services are available for a wide range of needs, whether it’s a wedding, funeral, sporting event, Christmas party, multiple day trip or any other kind of unique occasion. Ask us if you’d like help create an itinerary just for you. 

At G&D Ross Buses, we place your safety and punctuality above all in coach and bus hire in Brisbane. Get in touch with us ahead of your next charter. Call us now on 07 4129 7132 or visit our contact page and get your quote.