School Bus Hire: Keeping School Kids Safe in Australia

School Bus Hire: Keeping School Kids Safe in Australia

When bringing your children safely to school, it’s well established that bus hire is the safest transport for them. With a range of safety regulations in place, riding the bus to and from school is often safer than being driven in a car.

What steps can your family take to make the ride on the school bus as safe as possible? Learn more with this guide from G&D Ross Buses, one of the leading bus companies QLD.

Stay Safe While Waiting for the Bus

Bus safety starts before the bus arrives. Arrive at the pick-up point a few minutes early, so your child can wait for the bus at a safe distance from the curb. Make sure they know not to run or play near the road or when the bus is expected to arrive.

Stay Aware when Walking Round the Bus

A key aspect of safety around buses is to be aware of blind spots. Teach your child to never walk right behind a school bus. Even if walking too close along the side of a bus, they should be taught to exercise caution as they can never know for sure when the bus could start moving.

The G&D Ross Buses bus driver will be looking out for your child, so teach them to make eye contact with the school bus driver. If our driver can see your child, our driver can help to keep your child safe.

Safely Boarding and Disembarking

Teach your child to wait patiently for the bus to roll to a stop. Our professional drivers will open the bus doors and ask your child to step aboard only when it is safe to do so.

Choose a Professional Charter Bus Hire

At the end of the day, the best way to keep children safe on the way to and from school is to contact a reliable company for charter bus hire.

G&D Ross Buses school bus drivers are professionally trained and well-versed in the safety regulations for school transportation. For example, our drivers know to keep an eye out for children who may be crossing the road in a hurry, congregating or waiting for the bus on the roadside, chasing after something they have dropped, running during play, or otherwise walking or cycling on a school bus route.

Our drivers always maintain a professional and courteous manner, including closely following the road rules when driving through school zones or quiet neighbourhood streets.

When it comes to the safety of your child, choose one of the leading bus companies QLD. Request your quote today.