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Sightseeing Bus Tours in Queensland 

G&D Ross Bus Tours has over 25 years of experience curating the best bus tours in Queensland. As a passionate, family-owned business, we understand the joy that our customers experience on our perfectly planned scenic charter bus tours which are all about exploring the beautiful country around us. Our customers join us for journeys to remember on board our state-of-the-art tour buses where we guarantee that every detail of the trip is taken care of by our team. Bus tours are an amazing way to discover new things. Here are some reasons why a sightseeing bus tour is one of the best travel experiences money can buy.  

Special Access at Top Tourist Sites 

As one of the best bus companies in Queensland, we have built relationships with some of Australia’s top tourist sites. Our familiarity with the area and vast network of contacts gives us special access at popular tourist sites as well as hidden gems we have discovered along the way. 

All the Sights and Sounds in One Trip 

Quality bus tour companies are also excellent travel planners. The advantage of a sightseeing bus tour is that the planning involved ensures that passengers purchase a package that covers everything interesting about a region in one trip. From the most stunning landscapes to obscure culinary gems that only experienced travel planners would know, the mark of a great bus tour service is ensuring there is something exciting for everyone in the group. A sightseeing bus tour guarantees that you cover a large enough area and see everything in it within a short period of time.


Curated Experiences 

Whether it is meals, transport, accommodation or the tour itinerary full of incredible experiences, a bus tour that is well planned takes care of every little detail so you don’t have to. Sit back and go with the flow as you and your family are taken care of by the professionals. 

Bus Companies in Queensland

G&D Ross Bus Charters has built a reputation over decades as Queensland’s leading charter bus tour operator. Travel is our passion, and to share that love with our customers, we offer unique bus tour packages for groups of up to 60 people. Visit our website or contact us to find out why sightseeing bus tours are the perfect holiday for you.

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