When Should You Hire Bus Charters Sunshine Coast?

When Should You Hire Bus Charters Sunshine Coast?

There are a lot of reasons to consider charter bus hire, but you may not be sure that any apply to you. Maybe you have a party planned but aren’t sure if you have enough people to warrant a bus. Maybe you don’t know what kinds of event bus charters cater for. If that’s the case, worry no more! Bus companies in QLD like G&D Ross Buses, has all the answers you need.

What Events Can I Use Bus Charters For?

You might be feeling that to get charter bus hire, you must have a major event like a wedding or hen’s/buck’s night. These are not the only events that bus hire in Sunshine Coast caters for. At G&D Ross Buses, we utilise bus charters for a range of big and small events, including weddings, funerals, charity events, birthday parties, sporting events and more. Our decades of expertise means that we know how to plan your transportation down to the finest detail, no matter the event type.

Day Trips

You don’t even need an event for bus hire. Many bus companies like G&D Ross Buses are happy to organise day trips, too! We can organise a day for you and your friends to visit the markets around the Sunshine Coast, picking you up whenever you’re ready to leave for the next destination.

If you’re looking to have a big day out shopping but are worried about parking, and don’t want to lug around your goodies all day, our day trips are perfect for you! We have plenty of space for all your purchases and they’ll be safe in the bus while you continue shopping. And if you’re not content with just one day of shopping, we offer multi-day trips. Work with us to create a detailed itinerary, and we can offer some of our favourite activities as suggestions.

It can be difficult to know when to hire bus companies for QLD trips and events but there’s no limit to what you can use them for! Whether it’s a major event like a wedding, a more laid-back occasion like a day festival, or a shopping trip, consider a charter bus hire. To learn more, call us today on 07 4129 7132 or get in touch online.