Hire a Bus for Weddings in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast


Some occasions in life call for you and your loved ones to travel in style. With wedding limos becoming less popular, customers are opting for different kinds of chartered buses to get them to their destination while keeping the celebrations going. 

Before making your choice, the team at G&D Ross Bus Charters recommends asking your service provider a few key questions which could greatly improve your experience.


Group Size and Requirements

Based on the number of people you are traveling with, you may need to see options for different kinds of buses. Your charter bus service should present you with various options to help you choose the type of transport and amenities you need. Guests who require wheelchair access or those traveling with small children will need to be accommodated.


Compare Bus Hire Prices

At G&D Ross Bus Charters, we always advise our clients to take the time to compare vehicle hire prices from different businesses. While there are many places you can hire a bus for weddings in the Sunshine Coast, some have to travel a longer distance to get to you and will include this added cost in their quote. Other added costs may include driver accommodation and mileage charges, so make sure your bus charter company mentions these up front.


Entry and Exit From The Venue

One of the advantages of a hiring a bus for a wedding is that your guests are dropped right to the doorstep. We recommend contacting your venue to ensure that they have entry and exit points at the location which allow your bus to pass in and out easily. In situations where the bus you want cannot enter the venue, it may be necessary to hire two smaller buses instead of a large one. This may have the added advantage of saving you money since smaller buses cost less.


Safe, Reliable Bus Hire Services for Weddings

By keeping these recommendations in mind, you can ensure that your wedding bus charter service provider has exactly what you need – right down to the last detail – to make sure that your special day is perfect. Contact G&D Ross Bus Charters to experience unique wedding bus charter services, infused our own personal touch.

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