Bus Hire Hervey Bay: The Ideal Group Travel Experience

Bus Hire Hervey Bay: The Ideal Group Travel Experience

Discover the hidden gems of Hervey Bay with G&D Ross Buses. We are a passionate and qualified team of drivers, providing tailored group bus hire in Hervey Bay. Charter bus hire is a fantastic way to explore the exquisite coastlines of Queensland. With all that Hervey Bay has to offer, why not travel safely, conveniently and affordably with G&D Ross buses.

Travel Around Hervey Bay in Comfort

When planning to travel, itineraries and transportation are some of the most crucial aspects to a successful trip. G&D Ross Buses are one of the most consistent and safe bus companies in Queensland, specialising in group travel. We have your comfort, safety and Hervey Bay itineraries covered with our fleet of charter buses. Fitted with high quality seating, safety standards and accessibility, our buses cater for groups between twenty-one and sixty people.

Charter Bus hire: It’s Budget Friendly

Charter bus hire is not only safe and convenient, but ideal for group trips on a budget. Bus hire on the Sunshine Coast can be expensive, especially when travelling in larger groups. We want you to relax, enjoy and take in your trip around Hervey Bay, that’s why G&D Ross Buses offer affordable and budget friendly group transport. Along with transportation, we offer itineraries and pre-planned tours so you can see the sights and enjoy your trip, hassle free. As one of the most reliable bus companies in Queensland, we strive to create a memorable experience for our travellers.

Bus Hire Hervey Bay: Safety and Convenience

Safety and convenience is always guaranteed with our bus hire on the Sunshine Coast. G&D Ross Buses is committed to exceeding safety standards every time you travel. Our fleet of eighteen buses are regularly serviced and maintained to the highest standard, Our drivers are qualified and experienced in their field, and trained in all necessary safety precautions. The Hervey Bay coastline was made for charter bus hire, and with just one bus catering for your whole group, your energy can be spent making memories around Hervey Bay.

Experience Hervey Bay in comfort with G&D Ross Buses charter bus hire.