Cost Effective Group Charter Bus Hire in Queensland

Cost Effective Group Charter Bus Hire in Queensland

G&D Ross Buses is the perfect affordable solution for group transportation. With efficient and professional charter bus hire, your safety and comfort are our number one priority. We have a fleet of eighteen Bundaberg coaches, serviced and maintained to the highest industry standards. Transporting large groups of people for events, weddings and parties is a seamless experience with G&D Ross Buses. Arrive on time and on budget with G&D Ross charter bus hire.

Charter Bus Hire: Cost Effective on any Budget

Charter bus hire is perfect for those on a budget. When planning an event, wedding or party, group transportation can become costly. Plane tickets and rental cars can easily throw you over budget, not to mention the added costs of petrol, tolls, parking fees or insurance. Charter bus hire transports your guests efficiently and affordably. With a hire bus for a wedding, your attendees can be picked up and dropped off on time without any added costs. G&D Ross Buses offer transport packages and planned trips, designed to keep you within your budget and sort your night of celebration, stress free.

Affordable Hire Bus for a Wedding

Planning transportation for a wedding comes with challenges. Coordinating groups to arrive on time, ensuring everyone is accommodated and prioritising safety is no easy feat. If you’re in need of affordable transportation for a large event such as a wedding, G&D Ross Buses makes it easy. As the most efficient party bus hire on the Sunshine Coast, our fleet of Bundaberg coaches cater for groups of up to sixty people. Travel time, vehicle space and parking are all easily taken care of with charter bus hire. Guests and attendees can be easily accounted for with a hire bus for a wedding, with extra storage space for bags and luggage. A hire bus for a wedding keeps your wedding or party punctual, safe and fun.

G&D Ross Buses are the most efficient and affordable party bus hire on the Sunshine Coast, travel with us and save.